Super Clean Carpet Care Honolulu

With Super Clean Carpet Care, our Honolulu customers can expect nothing but the best service. Our professionals are friendly and knowledgeable. We’ll leave your carpet, tile and upholstery looking beautiful and smelling clean. Super Clean Carpet Care will make your carpet last longer and look great. Our services are essential to your home, as we’ll remove pollutants and allergens that are often invisible to the naked eye and can be detrimental to your health. After we remove trapped bacteria, the quality of your home’s air will also improve.

Super Clean Carpet Care gives customers peace of mind. We gladly provide free estimates for no hassle; simply call us and we’ll schedule yours today. We are also a highly qualified professional company, as we are a Certified Cleaning Company by the IICRC. With our consultations being done in the comfort of your own home and resulting in zero obligations, you have nothing to lose by calling! You’ll easily be able to see what sets Super Clean Carpet Care apart from the rest of Honolulu’s cleaning companies. Call today to see how we can make your home cleaner, healthier, and more attractive. We will gladly answer any of your questions.

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Finest Professional Fabric Stain Protection

Professional cleaners offer the finest Professional Fabric Stain Protection, our trained technicians, apply state of the art fabric protection, to upholstery and decorative fabrics, protecting from future stains, and soiling. Our professionally applied stain protection lasts longer, and is more effective than other treatments.

Our professional technicians are highly trained and skilled, we stand behind our work, unlike cheap, fly by night, outfits offering stain treatment. We use only the finest, non toxic products available, our team of professionals, analyzes your fabrics, and the way you use the furnishings, to choose the best protective products. Different fabrics require different protection products. Stains like red wine, just roll off a well-protected surface, but on an unprotected surface, stains soak in, and are difficult or impossible to remove, making an unsightly mess.

Integrity technicians give you an in home estimate, for work required. Work will be scheduled at your convenience.

Fabric protection treatments do not last forever, even the best products need touching up, ensuring expensive upholstery and fabrics are well protected. Most fabric protection weakens with time and cleaning. We can design and schedule a fabric protection program, convenient for you, to effectively protect your valuable furnishings.

Integrity Carpet and Floor Restoration, provides you with the correct products to clean spills, between professional cleanings and protection treatments.

Why not call Integrity Carpet and Floor Restoration, to find out how our fabric stain protection service, can help keep your home looking great, and protect your furniture and drapery investment.

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